A Madcap Spy Parody... served with a romantic twist!

Photo by Diana DelZio, Modern PR, Cataline Film Fesitval

Two rival international spies from across the globe discover they've moved in next door to each other and form an uneasy, love-hate frenemy state. When mysterious ninjas attack in a nefarious plot to overturn the world, the duo joins forces only to discover secrets about their pasts, their futures, and their hearts.

On October 28th, 2017, we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign and raised $20,000 to film our pilot, but we still need your help! Help us film our pilot by contributing HERE via PayPal! Any new contributions coming through the website of $1000 or more will receive a thank you in the credits, and everyone will get either a song mp3, a joke, or a sticker. Please indicate your preference by emailing erincarere@gmail.com. Finally, for inquiries about investing at higher levels, feel free to email erincarere@gmail.com at any time, and indicate in your interest in the subject line. 

Carlo il Bello

After retiring from the Gruppo di Supermodelli Speciali to move to the US, Carlo il Bello is surprised to learn he has moved into the same neighborhood as his rival international spy, Erin Anderssen, aka Irina Volka. When an Evil Organization sends ninjas to attack, he finds a surprising ally in his crabby... uh... delightful frenemy Erin.

Erin Anderssen, aka Irina Volka

Irina Volka, Russian opera singer, AKA, Erin Anderssen, American spy. Struggling to find her identity since the CIA shut down the top secret Opera Program, Erin is shocked to discover her rival international spy, Carlo il Bello, has moved into the neighborhood. What are these stirring feelings within her heart? Certainly not llllllike..... 


Spy Contra Spia Cast and Crew

created, written by and starring: 

Erin Carere as the Spy

Carlo Carere as La Spia

Janine Sides, DP

Shie Rozow, composer

Mark Mallman, songwriter and composer of the Spy v Spia theme song

More cast and crew info coming soon!

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The Proof of Dialogue that started it all...

Carlo and Erin had written the script, but they wanted to film a section just to show the world a little bit of the concept. This video gives a sense of the relationship...  filmed back in December 2016!

The Spy Camera caught...

A spy joke...

The Spy Contra Spia Theme Song

written and produced by Mark Mallman

sung by Erin Carere